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Eco. Desiccator Set, Soda-Lime Glass, id.Φ 1 50~Φ350mmWith Porcelain Plate, 데시케이터 세트, 중판 포함 Sales code : DH20030300P1002
RM -
Glass Vacuum Desiccator Set, Heavy-Duty Neutral Glass, id.Φ150~Φ300mmWith PTFE Valve Stopcock & Perforated Porcelain Plate, 진공 데시케이터 세트, 중판 포함 Sales code : DH20030300P1003
RM -
DAIHAN® 33Lit General Purpose PMMA Desiccator, Short- & Tall-formWith Digital Thermo-Hygrometer·ABS Frame·Shelf·Desiccant Tray, 범용 PMMA 데시케이터 Sales code : DH20030300P1010
RM -
DAIHAN® 164·207·320·640·604 Lit Gas Exchangeable PMMA Desiccator, 1 & 4 RoomWith Digital Thermo-Hygrometer·Gas Valve·SUS Shelf, 가스치환 데시케이터 Sales code : DH20030300P1011
RM -
DAIHAN® 33Lit Auto-Dry PMMA Desiccator, Short- & Tall-form, Dehumidifier ~25%RHWith ABS Frame·Digital Thermo-Hygrometer, 자동 습도 조절 데시케이터 Sales code : DH20030300P1012
RM -
DAIHAN® 207·320·604 Lit Auto-Dry PMMA Desiccator, Analog or Digital-Control, 15~60%RHWith Dehumidifier·Digital ℃·%RH Meter·Al-Frame·1Room, 자동 제습 데시케이터 Sales code : DH20030300P1013
RM -
DAIHAN® 33Lit UV Protected Auto-Dry PMMA Desiccator, Short- & Tall-model, ~25%RHWith Dehumidifier·Digital Thermo-Hygrometer·ABS Frame, UV 차단 자동 습도 조절 데시케이터 Sales code : DH20030300P1014
RM -
DAIHAN® 7~48Lit Vacuum PMMA Desiccator, Clear, with Press-GaugeWith Digital Thermo-Hygrometer, Approx - 1 Torr / 133Pa, 진공 데시케이터 Sales code : DH20030300P1015
RM -
DAIHAN® Premium Acids/Corrosives Safety Cabinet “SCC”, Compliance with EN14727 EU Standard, 124~836Lit.
Powder Coated Steel with Safety Melamine Coated Anti-Corrosive Plywood Interior, Spill-Proof PP Tray, Self Closing Door & Locking Type
Ideal for Storage of Acids & Corrosives and Flammables, 내부식성 캐비닛, 산 또는 부식성 유해용액 보관용, Resistant Fume/Gas.
Sales code : DH24CAT00000619
RM -
Optional Portable Ductless Filtering Multi Fume/Gas Purifier Box “SCF90-F”
유해가스 종합 정화기 박스, 무덕트 필터링형, 별도로 쉽게 설치 DIY
Sales code : DH24CAT00000620
RM -
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