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Product name Product info Price Wish list/Option
Wisd 500㎖ Autoclavable PP Reversible Spray Bottle, Fine Graduated with Transparent, PP 분무기, 어떤위치(거꾸로)로도 분주 가능 Sales code : PDNN19061900002
RM 17.98
500㎖ Autoclavable PP Spray Bottle, Transparent, Fine Graduated Adjustable from a Fine Mist to a Narrow Jet Reaching 3~4 meter, PP 분무기 Sales code : PDNN19061900003
RM 11.66
DAIHAN® 50 & 80kg Automatic Ice Maker, Snow-type “IMS” & Flake-type “IMF” With Fully Automatic System, Uniform Ice, Production & Storage, 아이스메이커 Sales code : PDNN19082600018
RM 24,608.5
PTFE Combination Mixed Stirrer Bar-Set, for Lab & Industry, L10~60 mm, 28pcs/setExcellent for Chemical and Corrosion Resistance, -200℃~+260℃, PTFE 마그네틱바 종합세트 Sales code : PDNN20031600002
RM 0
PTFE Beaker, with Pouring Spout, Anti-adhesive Surface, Autoclavable, 30~2,000㎖ Excellent for Corrosion & Temperature Resistance, Normal-grade,-200℃+260℃, PTFE 비커, 불투명 Sales code : S19008830190401
RM 28.39
Wisd PS Petri Dishes, with Alphanumeric Marked Grid, Φ65×h15mm Made of Polystyrene(PS), Sterile, PS 눈금 페트리디쉬 Sales code : S19031140190401
RM 926.97
Wisd PS 2- & 3-Compartment Petri Dishes, with Flat Base and Lid, Φ90×h15mm Made of Polystyrene(PS), Sterile, Stackable, Sectional, PS 페트리디쉬 Sales code : S19031150190401
RM 480.45
SciLab® 0.1~5Lit PREMIUM Rotary Vacuum Evaporator “SEva-05”, Vertical-type, 195mm Auto Lifting With 2.5Lit Heating Bath 200℃(Optional : 5.5Lit Bath), Cooling Surface 1,600cm2, 10-Steps Immersion Angle(1º~50º), and Automatic Reverse Rotation Function ; Clockwise or Counter Clockwise, 10~300rpm, 프리미엄 회전 진공 농축기 Sales code : S19036810190401
RM 24,583.23
Special Hinged Tissue & Biopsy Cassette, with 45° angled Writing Surface Suitable for Automated Labeling Machines, 카바 분리형 티슈 & 바이옵시 카세트 Sales code : S19056310190401
RM 85.46
One-piece Tissue & Biopsy Cassette, with 35° angled Writing Surface Suitable for Automated Labeling Machines, 카바 일체형 티슈 & 바이옵시 카세트 Sales code : S19056320190401
RM 76.31
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